You can Now buy A Laptop for academic studies

After successfully registered. Now all you have to do is buy a laptop if you don’t have one already. Those facilities are provided by the government. However, you will need at least a laptop or a mobile phone for studies in this pandemic situation.

What laptop suits me best?

It depends on the course that you follow. First of all, see the course content. If you are selected for Arts degrees, Bio degrees, and technology(BST) degrees or commerce degrees, then you will not need a high-performance laptop. You will just have to watch videos, browse the internet, meetings, like low power applications.

But, if you are selected for a maths degree or technology degree( not including BST) then you will need a high-performance laptop. You will learn different programming languages, Machine Learning, 3d designing, game development-like stuff if you following those mentioned streams. For that, you will need a higher-performance laptop. Especially for Technology students. It should not be the latest laptop, a middle-performance laptop will be enough for that. Please check youtube videos to get a better idea about the laptop model that may suit you.

What laptops you can get?

If the laptop that you selected is valued lower than 100,000 LKR. them you will get 100% loan. But, if you selected a laptop worth more than 100,000 LKR. Then you have to pay the excess amount when you purchasing.

About misleading Headings:

It’s really sad to see the misleading headings from those institutes. They mention the loan as an interest-free loan. But, in practical, it’s not an interest-free loan. Go and contact the Bank or the laptop provider to learn the clear image of the interest-free laptop offer. Although it is mentioned as interest-free loans, for the first 4 years, you have to pay the interest. Interest will be 12% per year that you have to pay per month. It will be around LKR 6000 to LKR 8000 according to the amount you are borrowing. If you are not sure of us, go and ask for all the details.

I also would like to mention that you will be able to borrow a direct loan from those laptop providers for lower interest fees. You can contact the administration for more details from the nearest branch.

After that, you have to pay the LKR 100,000 or the amount you got from the government when you leave the university within 2 years. Those 2 years will not be subjected to any interest.

Where I can buy laptops?

If you are comfortable with the loan and its terms, you can go to buy the laptops. But where you can buy them? For the academic year 2019/2020, the tender went to Abans, Softlogic, and Sri Lankan manufacturer(assembler) E-wis. There are several laptop models selected from each provider. 3 laptop models from a provider a total of 9 laptops. But, you can get any laptop while paying the rest for the laptops expensive than 100,000 LKR. There’s no need to select a laptop from the list they gave.

How to buy it?

First of all, you need to contact the nearest people’s bank. They will provide you basic requirements to receive the laptop loan. Such as you will need a fixed income person to receive the loan. After confirming the loan you have to go to the laptop provider. There you can select a laptop model that is available in the store. If the laptop you are looking for is not in the branch, you can go to another branch. You can check the model’s available stores through the branch manager.

After selecting the model and confirming its presence. get an application form from the provider. You may need to pay the excess or advanced payment for the reservation. Then you can go to the branch and complete the process.

For bussary students

if you are a bursary receiver, then you may have to wait for the gazzete. Because it’s not released for the 2019/2020 students. You will need a proper letter to set it to pay from the bursary. But, still it not released you have to wait for it. Whenever it is released you can easily get the offer from mentioned providers.

Some common questions

Is the loan interest-free?

As mentioned everywhere, it’s not true. Your loan is subjected to an annual interest rate of 12%. It’s sad to say that you have to pay just the interest rate for the academic years.

Have to select a laptop from the mentioned models?

No, it’s never possible. There’s no need to stick with those few models. Instead, you have the facility to get any laptop you want. But you have to pay for the excess amount of money.

Can I buy it from another shop?

No, you can’t. you can’t buy a laptop from any none mentioned providers in order to receive the loan. You have to stick with those 3 providers.

How long will it take?

It will take up to 2 weeks to several months. The process can vary from student to student with the ability to pay. and finding documents.

Can I use another bank?

No, you can’t. Have to get the loan through the selected bank for the year. For the year 2019/2020 it’s people’s bank.

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