Which laptop suits my university works?

It’s not that simple answer. You will need a laptop according to the course you are following. Here in this article, we are going to provide basic knowledge about the best suit laptop for your academic works. First of all, find the course outline. If you already get access to the learning management system(Some universities given access) you can find the course outline PDF there. If not, I will explain the basic requirements for each individual subject. It’s advice on selection letter to buy an Intel-based laptop, not an AMD or Apple one.

For arts-related course students.

If you are selected for a course like Law, history, geography, etc. Then you just need a laptop for basic tasks. Such as browsing the internet, join zoom meetings, watch videos, write some word documents likewise. You will not need a higher specs laptop for that. Specs-wise speaking, it will be enough to have 4GB ram and some onboard graphics. Prices of such laptops are about 60,000 to 100,000. You can search the laptop’s model number in google to get the year of make and processor-related stuff.

For commerce/Bio related courses following students

You can also go for a middle-range laptop. It will be enough to have 4 GB ram and an onboard graphics card. You will have to use different kinds of software that are related to the businesses. Such as HR management systems, HR-related systems, etc. Also, you will need to use spreadsheet software. But, those software doesn’t require a high amount of resources. It will definitely be enough to have 4GB ram and onboard graphics. Also, I should mention that you will have to use some online commerce-related platforms. Also, I should mention that do not buy a laptop without a CD/DVD ROM. As you will need to install different software through disks. But if you have a portable DVD Reader then there’s no problem. Also, you can use a friend’s device to copy the software to your laptop.

Mathematics students

You will need a mid-range to a higher-range laptop. You will have to 3d design architectures, buildings, components electrical simulations, programming, etc like resources hungry applications. If you can afford it, go for mid to high-range laptops. unless it’s still ok to have a lower-level laptop. You can use older versions of that software. But it will be hard to run that power-hungry software such as 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya. You can install an earlier version of the software to run it. But there are some changes in the UI and process from version to version.

ICT students

You will definitely need a mid to higher-end laptop for sure. As you have to design games, design, and use 3d models you will need at least a mid-range laptop with at least 8 GB of ram and a separate VGA card or higher capacity onboard video graphics unit(VGA). You will have to make games using game engines such as unreal and unity. Please make sure to ask for the version that is going to using and check it with the laptop model to better select.

Also, it’s better to have an NVidea graphics card. Just to run Machine learning software. If you can afford it go for a laptop with Nvidia graphics, if not you will get an alternative solution for that from the university.


Almost every laptop in the market now has at least 4GB ram. Don’t buy anything lower than that. It may be older stocks. Buy with a longer warranty. It will cost you more couple thousand rupees to get an extended period of warranty. Our recommendation is to stay with the deal. As you will get it repaired for each and every time it breaks. Also, the warranty is void if the seals are broken, water damage, or others that are stated when you buying.

But, it will take more time than repairing it from outside repair shops. The smallest repairing will also take weeks and even months for repair. If the component is not in their stocks, then you have to wait for it to deliver and then have to wait for the repair. You may need it seriously for the college works. But you have to wait for them to repair it.

How to avoid data loses

You may travel via trains, buses. It’s so common in university life to forgetting or theft laptops. In case you will lose everything on your computer. Always use a strong password and keep everything backup to cloud storage such as google drive, one drive, mega. If you are an ICT student, you will definitely need to do this. As because lecturers will think that you are lying without doing assignments. Which eventually affects your academic marks.

Can I get a desktop pc?

Yes, you can. But, it will not help for academic studies. As you have to visit the university regularly.

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