What is Kothalawala act?

You probably heard about the Kothalawala act. But do you know about the act in-depth? What could go wrong in the future? As a university student, as a parent, and as a Sri Lankan you should know it.

What is the Kothalawala act?

  1. Higher education minister
  2. Educational ministry
  3. University ministry
  4. Vocational ministry(SLMC, IESL)
  5. University control ministry

All the above-mentioned ministries and institutes are controlled separately by their own ministers until now. Now through the Kothalawala act, all of the above 5 ministers are going to be controlled by a single controller. From the single controller unit, 5 out of 10 are military personals. 2 out of 10 are from ministers’ choice, and the rest 3 also and probably will be government selectors. So, all the controlling power will be granted to the government. It will not be independent anymore. All the mentioned ministers are key points for the Sri Lankan education system.

Not yet over. Have more to tell,

  1. The current law that is affected for the universities is not affecting the creating controller ministry.
  2. Any private institute will be able to provide degrees via joining the Kothalawala Defence College
  3. Those private institutes that are approved by the Kothalawala Defence College are not subjected to any Degree standard consideration. The quality and standard are decided by the 10 people unit.
  4. Money management of the control unit is also handled by the unit itself. The unit is only subjected to the Defence ministry(president)
  5. The main policy is that they can performe any act against any protest. That means in future, university students, lecturers, teachers has to accept any changes to the law or their acts.

These are the changes that are going to do to the primary law and the decentralized ministry.

Aren’t there any benefits from this act?

No there are literally no long-term benefits. Because the current educational system from grade 1 to university is controlled by separate institutes. Those institutes are run and keep standards by separate people. That’s why most of the Sri Lankan universities rank higher. All of the degrees that are provided by government universities are valid worldwide. Because there’s no matter how rich you are or how powerful you are( Political connections ) There is no way to pass any exam in the university with those. They keep the quality and standard of the degree.

That control, money, and the over the education system are what they want. They will be making a lot of money by providing Kothalawala acceptance from large institutes every year. All of the money management is conducted by government-friendly personals. So, you can understand the rest of the stuff that will be going to happened.

Also, when they have the ability to control who passes the exams, just think about what will be going to happen. They will offer the highest grades for those who don’t deserve it. Making the value of the degree decreases as for the whole education system. It will not be valid and top-ranked in the world list anymore. As more and more unqualified powerful students get the highest-ranked degrees more and more it will affect the education system.

Why are some people saying it ok?

As we know, only a few students out of the total students that face A/l can get a university education. Students who study in private institutes don’t know anything and want the Kothalawala act. It’s nothing to do with private institutes. It’s all about controlling the education system. Private institutes will also be affected by the same rules that are made by the unit. Providing higher grades for those who don’t deserve it, not only in universities but also in the private sector. It will not increase the quality of the degrees awarded by the private sector. But, it will definitely decrease the value in both sectors.

What could go wrong?

There will be so many unqualified degree holders. Without any knowledge or any skills. So, it will decrease the value of the degrees not today not tomorrow, but after few years. Private institutes have to obey the 10 member control unit. So it will be dangerous for the private sector as well.

It will not be done by those middle-level or low-level families. It will be a game of high-power families. Students with skills and knowledge have to pass them by examining and others will pass those without any of these.

There will be huge competition in the job market. There will be many degree holders and it will make it harder for anyone to get a job.

Those are not just imagined reasons. Just look at the government offices. Do all of the people working are qualified? Isn’t there anyone who does it better? Most of the government jobs are provided by politicians. It will happen to the current independent education system whenever the action is confirmed. It will be too late to make any changes to it after confirming. That’s why there are huge protests preventing it from being confirmed.

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