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A university student? you are here to find a web application project idea for the final year presentation. For the final year examination, you will need something unique, not that common stuff like library management, school management like so. Your project should not be common, if it’s common it’s so much easy for examiners to find usefulness, and have so many other options to compare your project. For uncommon projects, it will surely grab the attention of the examiner, and wonder how you and your team did that.

Blockchain is grabbing lots of attention these days. We also added few of those kinds of projects to the list.

CRM web app


CRM, customer relationship management web app. There are lots of CRM projects and solutions out there, but there aren’t that many CRMs with Project management. You can create a CRM that also manages the projects of customers and manage members as a team. It’s a little bit complicated and will have to do lots of work on both the Front end and backend. People love fast-loading (framework) apps rather than slow older web page technologies(direct web page).

A section for managing Leads, mark when they turned into a customer. Handle his/her projects, and mark it’s task’s progress. It should also have teaming capabilities, so teams and companies can implement the solution in their company. Also, it should have advanced table column selection, team member permission, handling multiple branches inside the company, and customer privacy ( only the owner and certain members can see them ). A drag and drop task management for each project. Owners of the company should be able t easily toggle between their companies.

To-do app

to do

To-do apps are everywhere, but what lacks is quality To-do apps. How about a cross-platform to-do web application? A to-do web app backend with whatever backend language you like and web from the end with Vue, react, angular. And a desktop application made with electron js. You can simply make an electron application using your react source code and it will look awesome with minimum work effort. Also, can make a react native or flutter app that uses the same backend with APIs.

Other than just linear kind to-do apps, create a to-do app with a task board. People love features. Make something like a combination of Jira and a to-do app.

Instead of just a to-do app that is made for final-year projects, you can really market it and grab customers. Can add your electron-made app to the Microsoft store, apps to the play store, and the apple store. If you are calling up the project, consider adding more features such as icon tray easy access, timers, and team management.

Survey creator

A multifunctioning survey platform with drag and drop form builder and with an HTML supported theming system. People now use online survey platforms to gather data for reasons. You can create a multifunctioning survey system with advanced features. Create a drag and drop form building system to collect data on complicated data structures.

Survey creators should be able to view the statistics of the survey data easily with a few different charts types ( bar charts, pie charts ). The user ( survey owner ) should be able to toggle between different charts to find the perfect chart that can represent the data

Also, there should be a system to display statistics publically. For those surveys that should be public, users must have the facility to present their Survey and their data to the public. Create a theming and templating system with different kinds of templates. Also, there should be an awesome URL checking. URL must be limited characters and unique. It will keep the quality of the survey high and make it easy for everyone to interact. People don’t like long URLs.

Pre-defined emails list to provide facility to participate in the survey without signing up. A list of email addresses will be provided by the survey creator, that is whitelisted. So, other people can’t participate in the survey. Only defined members can. This feature is essential for closed-door surveys.

Portfolio creator website

There is a huge market. A pre-defined portfolio creator web app for photographers, graphic designers, wedding album makers, DJs, etc. A simple Behance-like website to create a collection of portfolios. But, users must be able to use themes and templates to represent their gallery and service. Just like creating their own website, but for a reasonable price.

Photographers and designers love presentations, you can create pages for each image with pre-defined templates to create web pages for each image in their gallery.

If you don’t know how to build such a template and section-based webpage, then there are open source and paid templates for that. YOu can use the template to create your own version of the service and customize it. Type keywords like “HTML drag and drop builder”, and “web page builder” in Github or in ThemeForest. There are a few such builder templates. Those templates use Javascript, so you should master javascript before being the project.

Domain selection. Most of you have this question.

Should I use a subdomain system for each user?

It’s totally up to you. You can create subdomains for each portfolio website that is created within your system, or URL-based system. Both methods will be fine and URL based method will be much simpler for you. Also, there are SEO benefits for URL-based systems other than subdomain systems. So if you are willing to submit each portfolio to webmasters, making it URL-based will be much more effective.

Netflix clone

Video streaming. Everyone’s favorite is it. This project is to replicate Netflix and add more features. Create a Netflix-like web app, mobile app, and desktop computer software.

A well-designed secure video encoding system that is used to encrypt video data to prevent sharing and pirating of movie data. As an ICT/ computer science student, you can make a video encoding system to encode movie data. So, it will make your application more secure and pirate-free.

A video player component to decode video data that is sent by the server and also to prevent screen recording by using operating systems security features. However, video encoding and decoding may be hard for some teams and students, so, you can use open-source methods for that. Those open-source projects provide video player components and encoding methods also.

Also, you have to take care of cookie copying methods. That means people tend to share cookies data that your application adds to the user’s browser. Making it possible for other users to access the library without a separate account. You have to prevent it from being happened. Examiners like to see how students provide solutions for each individual issue. So, it will be a plus point if you solve those issues in the current system.

Color pallete generator

Color palette generator app with AI capabilities. The user enters an image or a single color( theme color ) and AI or your system will provide a color palette for the given input. At first, it seems like an easy simple, and useless project. But, lots and lots of people struggling to find a color selection. This app will provide that service for those who it needs.

A simple front end to collect user inputs may be a single color or a gradient color. or maybe an image. Your system will get the user input and find the perfect color palette for the user’s color with some examples. You can ask for the user to enter where he going to use this color palette ( for a website, app, software, logo) then your system automatically applies those colors to a predefined template for the user’s selection and show it with the final result. Some users can easily select the one best suit them.

If you are making it with an AI system, you can add a rating system to rate the AI output. Making it easy for you to improve your Machine learning model.

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