University Lecture strike?

Before we provided all the necessary information about the Kothalawala act. Now there is a protest from university lecturers and school teachers both. So, you may have the question how long? why? what to do now?. Here in this article, we are going to provide all the necessary information about the ongoing protest.

First of all, we would like to remind you that this act isn’t related to the private institutes’ quality increasing. It’s all about the control of the education system. Read our previous article that explains the pros and cons of the act. When explaining briefly, it’s all about centralizing the control of the universities, schools, private institutes. So there will be a huge impact from this decentralizing for the education system and also for the country’s future.

Why stopping free university education is bad?

As a community, some people are saying that to stop free education for university students. It’s nothing related to this new Kothalawala act. But, through the Kothalawala act, the centralized 10 people board can stop free university education instantly. No one will be able to protest or be adverse. Because the 10 people board has the power and right to ban those who protest or adverse through the Kothalawala act.

So, why is it bad?

That’s 100% true that the current free education and health system cause government expenses. But, stopping it isn’t the solution. Because the free education and health system isn’t a new thing. It was established in 1938. Since then both of these are free for Sri Lankan citizens. Then how it instantly became a huge problem? Is it the biggest expense for the government?

Some so many poor families don’t have enough money for education( grade 1-12 or university ). So not all of us will be able to get a proper education. Without education how do those poor people get a job? The job market will be a game of mid to higher-income families’ children. The poor’s will remain poor forever if the free education stopped. We can’t compare Sri Lanka with other countries when it comes to education. Because the education costs of those countries are affordable for most of the families or they get support. But, in Sri Lanka, there is a lot of low-income and middle-income families.

Also when considering higher educations ( MSC and above simply saying after university), it will mostly cost around $30,000 or upwards for the rest of education. Most middle-income families will not be able to afford it ( For graduation at least $8000 and MSC $30,000 ). Higher education will be mostly available for the top level of the middle class and higher class families. It’s not fair in a country like Sri Lanka to stop free education.

Also, it’s not the only expense that the government has. Most of the local development projects are done by foreign companies. There are a lot of companies that can perform the same projects. Providing those projects for foreign companies makes a huge dollar outflow for the country. Why just not fixing such other problems? SUch as new vehicle imports for ministers?

Why university students can’t do a job and pay for it?

Another hot topic these days. About the bursary program. I said that there is a lot of low-income and middle-income families in Sri Lanka. You have enough money not means that everyone has. Some university students don’t have parents or a fixed income for their parents. So, no support from the families for them. Also studying at the university isn’t the same as doing ordinary level or advanced level. Students have a lot of things to do. They have to do their own research to pass exams. There are no limits for education syllabus like an advanced level. The paper can consist of things that are out of the syllabus. THat’s why it’s hard to pass an exam in universities. Some students repeatedly facing the same exam. So most of them can’t do a part-time job in 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. They have to study hard to face those exams.

Also, there aren’t many job openings for university part-time students. There are at least 3000 students per a university that is distributed in few cities. So, getting a job nearby is impossible for all of the students. Finding a job a little bit far away from the university will be really hard to transportation. It is not easier for a university student to do all. The reality is much different from the outer perspective.

Then finally about the ongoing protest

Most of you will not get any online lectures if lectures are teaching. If you are a new student, then you have a higher probability of getting online classes. Because intensive programs are conducted by trainee lecturers. They are not doing the protest. They will inform you whenever the protest is over. Until then the protests will be held. Don’t get angry because of the protest. They are protecting the future of the country and the education system. It is not for you, but your little brothers and sisters.

You can hold group learning within universities with elders to get clarify those hard lessons. You can well perform previous lectures and take this occasion to study the previous lessons. DO some homework, past papers, and well prepare for the next lessons.

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