Top Programming Websites for university students


Github is the largest open-source platform that anyone can get access to. But, it’s more than just a collection of source codes. It’s a community and version control, a collaboration platform. Larger software projects and especially open-source projects require methods for the outside world to contribute to the project, It’s a must for open source projects, with GitHub anyone can contribute to open source projects. At the same time, there is a great demand for input from project users.

A committer (contributor) can integrate the pull request whenever everyone involved is satisfied with the suggested modifications. If the project owner is happiest with your contribution or solve, then he may add your contributed code segment or solution to the main branch. You can find such issues in projects and help them to resolve them.

At the same time, you can keep your open-source projects and private projects both on GitHub for free. Also, currently, most job openings require you to submit your GitHub account link in the CV. Thus, if you have some good projects then there is a high chance of getting a job easily. So, make sure to maintain some open source projects on your own and contribute to top projects.


Stack Overflow can be named quora for programmers, programmers can ask or report issues of technologies, programming languages. Most of the programming-related calculations, charts, and statistics are done by this website. You can search anything in their search bar and there is an extremely high chance another lonely programmer may already face the same issue that you face. However, if you are the lucky dude that got the issue at first, you can get help from thousands and thousands of professional programmers worldwide. That’s a huge advantage and you must use this website if you are a programmer. There are already millions of questions asked, whether you are a complete beginner or a pro programmer, this is the place to solve all of your issues. This website is the unhidden guardian of programmers.

Reddit for Programmers

Reddit is among the best social media platforms for today. It has more than 400 million members. On Reddit, you will find subreddits for your programming languages. There you can get specialized programming-related help. Also, you may be using some other not popular frameworks and libraries, there’s a high chance of a subreddit that is related to the technology. There are a number of developers and software engineers, as well as a plethora of never-ending debates, that may assist developers to keep up with emerging technologies. But you have to ask meaningful questions, unless you may be in big big trouble. For that make sure to ask whatever with good context and explain the issue.

Top programming subreddits

front end reference

If you are a frontend developer or university student that wants to study frontend, then this subreddit will suit you. There are a lot of front-end technologies that are used today. You can get recommendations, educational materials from this subreddit. However, it’s more focused on design patterns, javascript-based from end technologies such as Angular, React, Vue, Next, etc. But, they are very helpful, so you must join this if you are a front-end developer.

css and html reference image

Another great subreddit for front-end developers. It’s all about building a front end of a website using different kinds of CSS tricks. You will get awesome tutorials on how to perform certain actions or do a certain task. Most of the tutorials are self-promotional, but because you are on Reddit, all you get is quality content. So, no worries about spammy content. reference image

Medium? what is the relation with programming? Medium is among the biggest and most authoritative blogging websites platforms. Where tens of thousands of quality, authoritative authors write and publish their content. For programmers, you can view hundreds of thousands of programming tutorial blog articles there. There are a huge amount of step-by-step clearly explained articles on how to build something.

Almost anyone can publish an article on Medium. Because of that, There are thousands of programmers that added tutorial-like articles on Medium. If you search for something with “how to” there is a high chance of getting a medium article as a result. Those popular, ranked articles are loved by the community also. That means you will get high-quality content.


w3schools reference image
wwwschools reference

W3schools is the ultimate learning portal for web-related programming languages. You can learn HTML, CSS, SQL, Php, javascript, and so on. There are thousands of example-based articles that you can also try on your own using your browser. It provides an online sandbox for free that you can try even without installing anything on your computer and even can access it by mobile device. What they post are simple tutorials like articles with example codes. Also, there are completed code segments that used to represent some common and popular sections such as SQL selection queries, HTML CSS carousel.

If you are a SQL student, you should definitely check their SQL section. Because some of the universities directly tell students to try those in W3schools. Because there, you can go from noob to pro easily.


Freecodecamp is a nonprofit organization that provides students worldwide free programming education. There you can find both front-end web development, backend web development, and desktop software development. It doesn’t teach you everything you need to learn to pass the certificate of their own, but instead to make you a successful developer. Hence, the certificate of freeCodeCamp is valuable among tech companies. They also have a youtube channel that posts free video tutorials on programming languages and technologies. Those video courses are also of higher quality and teach everything from zero. You may find courses longer than 10 hours 12 hours and so on. Those courses almost cover 90% of each programming language. Their videos are not boring and each video has separate chapters which are taught by separate instructors.

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