The 4th boat round for university selection

The fourth boat round has arrived. If you are a 2019 a/l student and applied for university. You may receive the email for the 4th boat round. First of all, let’s see what to do if the email didn’t receive. There are two possible reasons for that. One is that your marks are not enough and the second reason is that there is a problem receiving the email. So, let’s see what you can do in this scenario. First of all, don’t be depressed. Government universities are just a path to learn more. You have so many private, semi-government, and government options if you are not selected. First of all, let’s see what you can do if you don’t receive the email. Unless in previous years, now all of the communications are done through emails. Not all of us are familiar with those appliances. So, first of all, go to the email app and find the “spam” folder. It will be below inbox, delete, or junk. And then click on it. If you can’t find the exact location where it is, just search in google like this: “(your email provider) spam folder location. Replace the (your email provider) placeholder with your email provider name as an example, “Gmail”, “outlook”, “Yandex”.

Sometimes those emails are going to the spam folder automatically. First, check if there are emails from the university. If so, just open the email and fill out the application. If it does not there, then you have to first contact your friends. Ask them about their selections and their details. But, don’t stop there, you can contact the UGC and ask for 4th boat round cutoff marks. You can find the UGC contact numbers here. and ask them for assistance. They are happy to help you in any circumstances.

What if you got the invitation?

If you received the email for registration, then you are good to go. Just click on the provided link at the bottom. You can easily detect it. Then click on it and open it in a browser like chrome, firefox, or opera. It’s better to fill out the application on a laptop or a computer. Because in mobile devices, things may look broken and it will be hard to complete your registration. But, you can still do the registration process with the mobile device. So, it will ask you for basic information and may have an order of universities and courses. You can easily manage them according to your favor.

How the selection process work?

It is also the same as the rest of the selection processes. They will check each individual course and university details that you ordered according to the ascending order. If there is a spot for a new student in the first course that you provided and you have the highest marks among the 4th boat applicants that have the same interest, then you will be selected for the course. It will continuously happen throughout your application interest. They will check for all the courses that you mentioned.SO, make sure to add all the courses that you are interested in.

Will I get selected this time?

It is up to your marks, your interested universities and courses. All of them decide whether you are selecting or rejecting. If you don’t care about the university or distance to the university from home, then it’s better to add all the available courses from all universities. Then you have a higher chance of getting selected for a course. It’s your right to apply to any number of universities. Yes, you can apply for all the universities and courses there is no limitation for you.(You just can select courses that are available for your A/L stream) that is the only limitation that affects.

Is it worth it to go university via 4th boat round?

Why not, it’s definitely possible and worth it to join the university via a boat round. Those boat rounds are here to help students maximize and make effective university access. It will be the same as selected for a course from the first application round. There is no difference. Also, you don’t miss any important lectures from now. You can easily cover those lectures and face semester exams. Universities always heps such students as they can. SO, there is nothing to worry about in the selection process. When you are selected, you are just a normal student following the course.

I hope that all the issues that you have with the 4th boat round of universities may now be answered. If you have more questions related to the boat rounds or university, please comment down below. We are also happy to help you. And also, make sure to contact UGC or any other related supporters.

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