Physics, Mathematics for technology students?

Dear sisters and brothers those who have done or doing a/l in 2020, or upcoming 2021. If you are studying technology as the subject for A/L and plan to do a degree in a government university this will be important information for you.

As we know and as we doing A/L there is a little amount of mathematics and physics in our syllabus. Such as Newton’s laws, Friction, Speed, a likewise small section of grade 11 mathematics. So, you don’t expect to further learn physics and mathematics. RIght? nope, you are wrong. In university, you will have to learn Advanced level mathematics stream-related subjects. Now, the ICT degree program, BST degree program, ET degree program includes maths and physics section than ever before. You have to learn most of the content from A/L. Just like you are doing a/L in mathematics. But, you have to get those marks in order to pass or go to the next semesters. Until you get a pass, you have to repeat making your university life longer and longer.

So, why learning Mathematics is a big concern?

That technology following students, don’t want to learn mathematics. It’s the basic incident in our Advanced level education system. Those who don’t confident about mathematics and those who want to neither do commerce or arts have only one option. It is to do studies in the technology stream.

Those technology students will never expect such a thing in university education. They don’t even have the basic knowledge of Calculus, Integration, Physics practices. But, they have to face all of these within several months of joining university. They have to learn those things within 3 months of period. In order to get an upper-class result, they have to pass every exam perfectly.

Just imagine A/L student learns the syllabus for about 2 years, A technology student has to learn most of them within 3 months of period. Just being the best 300 doesn’t make it possible.

Is it bad?

No, adding physics and mathematics to technology students make their degree powerful and valuable. But, there is a disadvantage in students’ perception. They came without a mathematical background. Just see the advanced level syllabus and what teaching at the university. The gap between those two is much higher.

Just because the physics syllabus is large, university lectures have to teach all of them very fast. When we compare with advanced level mathematics, physics. That is nowhere near the speed of passing physics in universities. And most of these lecturers in the universities do not like teachers at the advanced level or ordinary level. They don’t explain very well. Whether you understand or not, they will continue the lessons on time.

It is a new thing for those students, they never expected such a thing in their syllubus. So, to make it more familiar, the speed of teaching those should slow down at least for the first semester. First of all, they should teach the basics of physics and mathematics. Then teaching those complex lessons slowly make it easier for students to understand.

I’m a technology student, What should I do?

If you are a technology student who is looking to join a university, whether it’s BST, ET, or ICT it doesn’t matter. All of you have Physics and mathematics as a common syllabus. You just have to do is joining an Advanced level combined mathematics and physics class. That will make it much easier for you to do the university works. Most of the university students also do the same. The difference is you can do the same before joining the university. That will make you more understandable and make you not stress. You can join a class and do self-studies to prepare yourself for the upcoming university life.

If you are unable to physically go for advanced-level mathematics and physics classes, then you can see those videos on youtube. You can search as “advanced level combined maths”, “advanced level physics” like on youtube. watch those and prepare yourself to face university.

Benefits of physics and maths.

There was a huge difference between a technology-studied ICT software developer and a Mathematics learned software engineer. This upgrade to the education syllabus made the gap smaller. By providing a fraction of engineering student’s syllabus to the technology students. Because of that, ICT, BST, ET students will get more respect from the job market than ever before.

Because of that ICT degree holders will be able to easily do their masters and further education as a normal software engineering bachelor’s degree holder. It is much value if you did it correctly, it will open a huge amount of paths for you. Making the gap between a mathematical software engineer and a technological software developer will be reduced and salaries gap will also be smaller.

It will attract more and more students towards the technology stream. Those are the benefits of this transformation and it will be nice if they do it properly. Because most of these students don’t have the knowledge of a mathematics student. It should be provided step by step. Their goal is amazing but the way they do it needs to be improved. If they don’t change the way teaching, it will make a significant amount of students repeating exams. It’ will be a backslash for both the university and also for students.

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