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Here we are going to provide an in-depth tutorial to get your Microsoft 365 account using your student email address. First of all, what is Microsoft office 365? I think that you have already heard about or learned about the Microsoft office package. If you don’t know, the Microsoft Office package is the most used office software worldwide. So, it’s better for you to learn it to grab your job.

What’s the difference between Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft office?

The Microsoft office is a windows, Linux mac os software that can be used for official purposes. such as creating a word document, creating a presentation, creating a spreadsheet, and more. The office suite is a software-based solution while the Microsoft office 365 is an online solution. Just like the google sheets, docs, slides. Microsoft 365 is almost the same as the google alternative. Both are mostly the same as each other.

The main point in office 365 is that it is capable of editing or updating the same document by remote users. Users can edit or update the same document in real-time. Making it much easier for you to work with a team on a huge project. Everyone that has access to the document can see the changes in real-time. While Microsoft office doesn’t come up with such a facility in older versions.

In the Microsoft office package, your documents are mostly stored on your own computer, while in Microsoft 365 documents are stored in the cloud. It provides easy access for users. Also, with this ability, you can edit or view the same document from your computer device or through your mobile device.

The main difference between google workspace and Microsoft office 365 is that Microsoft provides a desktop software version. That means you can do your work offline.

What you will get

Students who meet the requirements will receive the most recent versions of the Microsoft 365 online version and desktop versions. Use your same email address to sign up with your all devices. Also, you will get 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, Onedrive is the Microsoft version of google drive.

So, how to get it

Now you know one of the most valuable things that you get with an education email address. Education email address will be given by your higher education institute. If you already have an education email address then you are good to go. How you can know whether it’s an educational email address or not? Simply if you are following a degree program from a reputed college, mostly you will get an educational email address. Most people have this misconception of the email address domain should be in .edu top-level extension. It’s not correct, some institutes that have country-level top-level domains may also have education licenses. Simply saying, if you are following a degree program in your state college, then you will definitely get an educational email address.

Then how do get these bonuses? First of all, you will need a Microsoft account, search google for “office 635 student”. Click on the first result and you will need to create an account. If not, just enter your email address in the box. Then it will forward you to the account creation step. Then enter all of your required details inboxes and hit finish.


Your email address has an expiration date. So, make sure to check them before doing anything else. Note down and remember the email address expiration date.

Most of the educational emails are monitored by the head of your institutes. They will check for your activity, storage information, usage information. If they found that you are misusing or abusing it. They may remove your email address or it will affect your degree.

Never ever share your google drive, one drive with others to provide them unlimited storage. It’s also a harmful thing for both of you.

Never store your private data in an email address, google drive, one drive, or others. Because your college also can reset your passwords and you may in big trouble.

Don’t get too attached to this software. The purpose of giving away these software and services for free is that they believe that you will buy those products in near future. So, they make you used to their products. Consider using free or free and open source products. There may be a lot of better options and alternatives.

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