Join clubs and sports in the University

In this article, we are going to provide detailed clubs and sports joining guides for university students. We are going to discuss how many clubs, sports are best for you, how to select sports and clubs and how to join them.

Selection for clubs and sports in different universities are almost the same. You will receive an online meeting to introduce all clubs and sports that are available in your university. You will get some details and introductions for each club and sport in the university. Some sports that you are willing to participate in may not be available in your university yet. But, they have a road map of the university that you can pre-join when the sport is available you can participate in it. They will not take you into the sport when you don’t sign up within the signup time for unavailable sports.

How many clubs that I can join maximum?

First of all, you have to do some research on yourself too and the sport. You have to learn and study in the university and at the same time, you have to participate in sports practices and guidance. So, first of all, analyze the time that you have for other stuff. Most of these sports and club stuff is for the 1st year batches. 2nd year and upward batches do not spend more than 24hourse per 3 months for such a club or for a sport.

If you truly love space exploration, leadership qualities, camping practices then you can join those relevant clubs first. Then just think that can you dedicate 2-3 hours to such a club per week? then you will get the answer to the question. Don’t just sign up for every club that you see. As an example, there are some clubs for leadership, public speech kind. Some students don’t like them or don’t have experience, when it comes to practice, they never face such occasions. So, if you are not willing to learn those stuff, don’t sign up for that. It will not magically make you not shy or public speech able. All of that you have to do on your own.

Don’t sign up to be removed from clubs. It will not beneficial for you or the club. Just join the clubs that match your interests. You will be able to leave any club that you are joining. You just have to fill out an application and provide it to the club head.

How many sports that a student can participate

You may be got the form to fill out the sports application form. There are several misleading titles in the form. Let’s see all of them and apply for the sports that you like the most. FIrst of all, use the university provided email address to fill the google form. And provide your university email address in the EMail field. THen fill in your basic details in the form. And you click on the Next button. Then you will see a selection list with sports that you can check. These checkboxes are to fill the sports that you have done before( in your school life or outside ). Fill in all the sports that you have to do and participate in tournaments. Then click on the Next button. Then you will see the sports list that you like to participate in your university life. Note that Cricket means hard ball cricket. Not softball( Tennis ball ). Also, note that swimming is not practical in some universities. You may join a new faculty that is located somewhere far away from the main university. So, practically it is not able to participate in those activities. You will have to spend more time traveling. As an example: if you are a technology faculty-student of uoc, you will not be able to participate in swimming, cricket.

There is no hard limit for joining sports. But, you will have practices, tournaments of the sport. So, make sure to join the sports that you like the most. Mostly it is good to have a maximum of 4 sports. You can easily manage that amount of sports.

Then how you can join them?

These invitation links are normally sent to the WhatsApp groups of the university. There are some students that are not participating in the university WhatsApp groups. If you don’t have a device or for any other issue. Please contact the university contacting services. And then ask for the 2019/2020 teacher contact number. Then contact her/he to get the contact number of the batch representatives. It will help you with further educational stuff and also for everything in the university. Just tell them your issue and they will definitely help you with the best solution. Why you should join those WhatsApp groups? That such stuff is not available in the LMS. these kinds of stuff and discussions are usually held on Whatsapp.

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