Indian Telegram channels

A list of Indian telegram groups in the educational category and other related categories are listed in this article. Telegram has become one of the most used social media platforms in India. More and more people each day switch to telegram. Because there are a huge number of active and awesome Telegram channels and groups. Here, we going to list down those kinds of telegram channels

Educational channels

Telegram is among the best places to learn English. You can join those telegram channels and groups to receive daily zoom session access, videos access, and pdfs. Most of these telegram channels and groups are done by institutes and individual teachers. YOu may or may not need to pay to get access to those telegram channels. But keep in mind that there is a huge amount of communities in telegram. Thus you can find one another’s great community easily.

There are a lot of educational, exam-related telegram channels such as UPSC exam channels, medical telegram channels, mathematics, architectural likewise. Let’s take a look at the Educational telegram channels and group list.

Indian education

The low quality of government education is a major concern. The government education system has failed to offer high-quality education. The quantity of education obtained in government schools is severely inadequate, owing to a shortage of instructors and a lack of competent oversight, particularly in remote regions. Hence now, Indian students can join these telegram channels to get a quality education. India’s contemporary education has played a significant role in the country’s overall development. The advent of technology in recent years has benefited society in a number of ways.

National Education Unitedjoin the channel
Study IQ Educationjoin the channel
Singhkori Class 10join the channel
Addis Ababa Education Bureaujoin the channel
KV EDUCATIONjoin the channel
Amhara Education Bureaujoin the channel
Parth Education OFFICIALjoin the channel
Fastest Education Armyjoin the channel
Global Educationjoin the channel
ONLINE EDUCATIONjoin the channel

Movies Telegram channels

Another field is that telegrams are widely used in movies. People watch movies, tv-series on telegram. You can find almost any kind of movie, review from these telegram channels. We will provide a complete list of movie telegram channels including Indian, Kannada, and similar movie categories. Most of these telegram channels don’t directly share files instead, you can find legit websites links. Also, we will add another separate article about movies telegram channels.

Full Moviesjoin the channel
Moviebox : Free Movies and Seriesjoin the channel
Movies and Web Seriesjoin the channel
8 Great Moviesjoin the channel
SG New Movies & Showsjoin the channel
Anime Moviesjoin the channel
Bollywood HD Movies Newsjoin the channel
Revolutionary Moviesjoin the channel

Indian Chat telegram channels

Marriage is a really complicated issue in India. Finding the perfect would is also a difficult task in India. However, people tend to use social media for finding a life partner. There are dedicated telegram groups for just chatting. You can find such telegram groups in this section. Can join multiple telegram groups to achieve the best results.

Biconomy Indiajoin the channel
 Fun Chatjoin the channel
Indian Travellers Chatjoin the channel
INDIAN SCHOOL OF PHYSICS [ INSP ] Chatjoin the channel
Indian Students in Philippines 🇮🇳join the channel
Indian Teacher Education communityjoin the channel
𝙄𝙉𝘿𝙄𝘼𝙉 𝘽𝙄𝙉𝙉𝙀𝙍 𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙏join the channel
Indian Huntersjoin the channel

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