ICT Project Ideas for university students

Digital Notice Board

notice board ref
notice board

You may see or used to read the notice board in the early days. This project idea is also similar to the notice board. But, we are going to turn it into a digital one. With the more and more use of mobile devices, people tend to read less on paper. This also affects the notice board generation. The current generation does not read notices on notice boards. That’s why the current generation needs a digital Notice board. This isn’t the same as a blog that posts new notices, news, achievements. This will have new features which not present in a typical blog.


  • A digital notice board must look awesome on every device, whether it’s a mobile device or laptop device.
  • A notification system, email notification, and SMS notification would be great
  • favorite sorting, a personalized favorite sorting method
  • Author dashboard

Plus points

  • Separate software, apps for separate devices. You can make a desktop version of your notice board and also a mobile version of the notice board.
  • Can allow anyone to post notices on the board while maintaining a reward system to sort high-quality notices.

Languages to use

  • mobile app: react native, Flutter, java, kotlin
  • web-app front-end: react js, Vue js, Angular js
  • back end: node js, PHP, java
  • database: MongoDB, firestore

Train Tickets Management System

Train image
train reference image

A Train tickets management system, most developing countries still uses non-digital methods for train tickets. You and your team can introduce a functioning train ticketing system.

The idea is simple, people can buy digital cards like bank cards from communication or from a bookshop. Then they can use ATM-like wending machines in train stations to recharge their cards. Then use it to pay for travel. You can imagine or just make a model wending machine with Arduino board and with some modules such as NFC cards, NFC card readers. And you can use a USB connection to communicate with the computer. ( java read USB data )

But, make sure to ask before you start the project. Because there are so many parts that you can’t build exactly. So, make sure to ask for the project hardware representation before starting the project. Because to give you marks in an exam, lecturers need you to have a completely working system.


  • An ATM machine-like portal for recharge, registration.
  • A gate system for marking digital tickets and charging customers.
  • A mobile app, a web portal to manage credits and view usage

Languages to use:

  • Software for hardware devices: java, c++, c#, vb.net
  • mobile app: react native, flutter, java, swift, kotlin
  • backend: node js, PHP
  • You will also need IoT devices to scan RFC cards.

Craft selling website

how e commerce works
e-commerce ref image

How about multi-vendor crafts selling website? You can make a website like Etsy from scratch with an awesome theme. The thing is that there are not that many such websites like multivendor selling websites. You can make a clean and minimum looking website easily. To be different than most other websites, you can use Javascript frameworks to provide your users with a fast user experience. Such as NextJs, a popular javascript framework built on React js, another popular javascript framework by Meta.

Effective searching algorithm and Images Lazy loading system to improve user experience and system speed. Also, you can make an advanced system to support many countries and many currencies.


  • Users can turn into sellers at any time
  • A built-in AI-powered seller fraud management system. Just like in eBay.
  • Multiple payment methods including crypto

Languages to use

  • mobile app: react native, flutter because it should be cross-platform
  • web app built with javascript framework: react js, Vue js, angular js

Library management system

library reference image

An advanced library management system SAAS. SAAS software as a service is an online system that provides a facility for as many users to manage their own version inside the main system just like Hubspot, airtable, Jira. That means library owners can pay a monthly fee to access your common system. The best thing about these kinds of software is that buying power is so high compared to software solutions, people tend to buy monthly subscriptions. However, the complexity of the system may be high because you have to take care of managing users, libraries, user permissions, payments, and much more.

You can make separate software and a special caching system to work offline with them. It’s totally up to you. You can either store all the commands for the database locally and when connect to the internet, do all the stuff in the main program or sync the local database with the remote production server.


  • Subscription-based library management system
  • Can use separate apps, software for different platforms.
  • Single Database system and server code for all platforms
  • use a NFC card system to manage users, instead of traditional physical card with numbers.

Languages to use

  • You can use plain HTML CSS based front end
  • PHP Laravel or node js backend
  • Java or Vb.net software solution.

Plus points

  • for stand-alone apps, software, you can use some caching mechanisms to cache your data, requests.

Data collection system

form image

A data collection system that can be used by anyone to create a beautiful wizard. You can make this system awesome by using a drag and drop form builder interface or just a simple, google forms interface. Both methods are popular now and they can also be used in your university. Create a simple form filling invitation and password protected or authentication required form filling system with high security to collect data for extremely important statistics in your university, Also, make a feature to make anonymous data collection methods. So that can be used to collect data for common matters. If you don’t know how to build a drag and drop system, you can get an idea from pre-built open-source drag and drop form builders.


  • Password required or authentication required data collection
  • anonymous data collection
  • easy drag and drop form maker
  • google forms like data collector form maker
  • easy to view interface

languages to use

  • plain HTML, CSS for interface building
  • Javascript framework for user dashboard front end
  • PHP or node js backend with google firestore database

Crypto payment gateway

crypto image

Cryptocurrencies are one of the trending payment methods, investment methods. Most people currently use crypto as an investment method. and more and more people forgetting about the primary reason behind crypto. The primary goal of crypto is to use it as a currency. There are tons of online stores that charge for their service or products. You can develop a crypto payment gateway for store owners, website owners to provide the facility to get paid by crypto. You can build the next strip or Payoneer in the crypto world. It will be a good project because your idea sticks with the latest trends. It’s will not be a difficult task. Because all of the transactions are open to the public world. So, you just have to do is to capture and listen to when a user paid and track their records to deliver the last message. Also, there are open-source crypto payment gateways that you can see to take an idea.


  • Keep track of every transaction
  • Using crypto coins with more user bases and lower gas fees
  • provides a user dashboard for both customers and payment gateway users.

Languages to use

  • You will have to use javascript frameworks because it makes your system looks awesome and trustworthy
  • solidity for blockchain development
  • PHP, Java, Python backend

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