Guide to complete the Registration of Eastern university

Eastern university starts to register technology students online. If you are selected to the university, an email should arrive at your provided email address as of 28-June. If not, then check the spam email folder, if it’s not there, you have to contact the university staff via email or telephone. But, it’s better to give them a call instead of sending emails. You can contact the University support team from here.

There are few hardpoints for students when registering online. You don’t have 2 steps like in the other universities such as Colombo, Peradeniya. Currently, you just have an enrollment process other steps will continue after some time.

What you will need?

You have to full fill the following before completing the online enrollment process

  1. Passport size photos – 8 and soft copy ( original photo from the studio, ask for the high-resolution images ) (pink color background or white color background, but white color is better)
  2. A scanned copy of your signature. (Sign on an A4 paper and scan it)

Go to Now enter the Username, password. The username is your national identity card number while the password is your A/L index number. Then click the “login” button. If you have any questions regarding the login process, please contact the contact number given in the login form. They will help you to log in to the system.

Now you will see the all 07 steps to complete for enrollment. 1st page is all about your course details, you don’t have to fill in anything as it is automatically filled with the relevant data. Now click on the Next button.

2. Basic details

Here you will see some normal details about yourself. If you don’t have a passport, leave it empty. For the University IC name, enter your preferred name that you would like to use in the university. After filling in all the relevant fields, click on the Next button.

3.A/L information

Enter your Advanced level information and click on the Next button.

4. contact details

Fill in all the required fields and click on the Next button. Get help from your parents or guardians to fill those fields. 5th is about emergency contact details, fill all the emergency details fields and click next.

6. Other details

Now you have to fill in all the details about Hostel and Bacary applications. You can find distances by using Google maps. Also, upload the previously mentioned required documents to the relevant fields to complete the process. Maximum allowed document sizes are provided after the upload button. Check them with your document size and compress the documents if it is larger than the allowed size.

7. preview all

Check all the details that are already in the system or you filled in to confirm the accuracy. You can go back and correct those mistakes at this point.

You can download it as a pdf. Download it and keep it in a safe place to access it in the next process. And now registration is all complete and you are good to go, you will receive the next step of the enrollment process after some weeks.

Next steps briefly.

We will add a next steps guide soon. It will be an offline registration process sending documents. So, if you don’t have an original birth certificate, then get one from the Pradeshiya saba. You will need a school leave certificate also.

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