Guide to complete the Registration of Eastern university Part 2

I hope you followed the first steps of filling Eastern university application. If so, you should get an email from the official source to complete the second stage of the application process. If you did not receive an email, first check the spam folder in the email application. If the email is not there, you have to contact the university for support. Click here to see the contact details.

If you received the email:

There’s nothing to complete this application online. You have to do a 100% offline application filling process. First of all, take a color printout of the application( Must be attached as a PDF at the bottom of the email). When getting printouts, Don’t forward emails directly to the communication. Just download the application and send It to the communication.

Step 01,

Now you should fulfill the following documents in order to go for the next steps:

  1. 2019/2020 new students registration form and student statement.
    1. This document also attached to the email. save it on your device. It must have 06 pages. This document should print as 1 side per 1 A4 Sheet. Do not print on both sides. It will ask for an registration number. Email’s subject contain it and also you will be able to find at the 1st paragraph.
  2. A printout of your national Identity card.
    1. This also given in your application email. CHeck it out to download the document. You should sign on it. Please use the same signature on your national identity card and the signature that you used in both Olevels and Alevels examinations.
  3. Hostals registration form
    1. This is only for the students that lives far away from the university location(about 30 km radius). But, you have to fill this application also. After filling all the required documents, sign on the paper.
  4. SSSW registration form.
    1. This form also has 2 pages. Print 1 side per A4 sheet and fill it. Use Only English capital letters.
  5. The original selection letter from the university.
    1. Forward it to a trusted contact for better safe( Parents, guardians). This is the green colour letter in the attachments. You can easily identify it later also. Download it and take photo copies of it.(must be colour copies).
  6. Birth certificates true copies( If you don’t have such original copies, you can get one or more from Pradeshiya Saba. can get the certificate withing 2 hours )
  7. Truecopy of the ordinary level certificate.
  8. Truecopy of the Advanced level certificate.
  9. A truecopy of the school leaving certificate. ( if you don’t have it already, immediately contact the school administration to get it. )
  10. 10 copies of passport size( 5cm x 4cm ) photos. I have mentioned that in the first step of the registration process article.If you don’t have these, you can get it from a studio (White or a ligher colour in background)
  11. Reciept of the application process fees. (you can get the bank account and details from the email that you recieved.)
    1. You can go to the bank and fill the form to transfer money
    2. also you can pay it online.


All of the mentioned documents should arrive at the destination before 30 of July. You should use a registered post to post it. Put those images inside a small envelop and bind all of them together by using a paper clip. Don’t stapler, glue, or bind those.

Now you are successfully registered to the university. Good luck to you all.

Some common questions that you asked about sending original documents.

Should I send the original documents?

There’s no need to send original documents. Just send true copies while keeping original documents on your own. Prepare all the documents and contact a Provincial manager or a lawyer to make them true copies.

Email I received stated to send original documents?

Not for all of the documents. Just the school leaving certificate and the Selection letter(This time selection letter also comes online, so it must be print and signed). It’s enough to provide a true copy for the rest. They will ask for the original school leaving certificate when you go to the university. It’s a small mistake from their side because when you receive the email, there’s on lockdown.

How to get an original birth certificate?

If you don’t have an original birth certificate, then you have to get it from Pradeshiya Saba. Go before 3.00 P.M and you will be able to get a copy within 2 hours of time according to the que.

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