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Most of the people accessing the dark web really don’t know what exactly it is. They just want to know what it looks like, what happens in there. THat’s because everyone talks about it as something really different. However, Accessing the dark web is not criminal in and of itself. Because of the anonymity of its users, the dark web is occasionally utilized for less harmful purposes, such as avoiding government censorship content, spreading information. Because it is extremely difficult to traverse since pages are not indexed or controlled. Darknet browsing done incorrectly will cause loss of money and trouble, and finding something particular or valuable takes a long time.

Onion routing by the popular Tor browser ensures your anonymity to other dark web users, but you may be visible to websites that you visit. Before reaching its destination, a user’s data is encrypted several times adding layers and layers of security, making the origin of the data anonymous.


You must prevent entering your credit card/ debit card details, and also your private data. Because most of the sites that normal users are visiting aren’t legit. They will capture and steal your all money. There are several such cases, that people faced when mistakenly using fake replicated websites of popular names.

What exactly is Dark web

You may still wonder what exactly the dark web is and how it differs from the other webs. The dark web’s websites use the “.onion” domain extension while other websites use “.com” or “.gov.”. There are so many other kinds of normal web extensions. To access those mentioned “.onion” sites on the dark web, users must use a special browser. The most popular option is Tor for the browser. Tor has several degrees of encryption, much like an onion has many layers. This is what allows users to remain anonymous. When you access a website with the “.onion” extension, it will use layer-by-layer security encryption making it almost impossible for someone to track you.

Then what is dark web telegram channels are?

As you guess, dark web websites are hidden from the normal internet. And you need a special browser to access them. Then why dark web telegram groups and channels? There are a lot of “.onion” websites out there, you need to know the exact name of the website in order to access it. What these telegram channels and groups do is provide you with some useful and most popular onion website links with a brief description. These telegram channels and groups regularly post details about new trusted sites. But however, don’t blindly trust those guys. They might be a part of the websites. so guys let’s take a look at these community’s links.

DARK NET DEEPjoin the channel
DARK NETjoin the channel
Darknet Marketsjoin the channel
Dark Net | Torjoin the channel
DARK NET GEEKS™join the channel
DARK NETjoin the channel
Dark Net Fixed Matchesjoin the channel
DARKNET MAFIAjoin the channel
Dark Net Fixed Matchesjoin the channel
Dark Net Academy | DNAjoin the channel
DarkNet Videojoin the channel
Darknet Haxorjoin the channel
Joker’s DarkNet Marketjoin the channel

Some popular Dark web websites

The hidden wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a great place for you if you’re a complete beginner to the dark web. Simply It’s the dark web’s Wikipedia, complete with a huge links directory. You’ll find everything you need. Furthermore, owing to its popularity, the Hidden Wiki has spawned a slew of imitators. Please don’t click on any link that seemed to be legit. You will get some sort of trouble if you accessed a scam and dangerous site.

The Quora – Onion style

Ask anything on the dark web, just like in quora or Reddit. This is the most popular quora equivalent on the dark web. To be honest, this isn’t as quality as Quora or Reddit. You are not censored if you ask whatever you want. It sound’s like amazing, but the community (those who answer the questions ) are not as quality as in quora. Sometimes scammers also post answers with a hidden mission. It could be a little time-consuming to visit the links from certain queries. However, because that area of the internet is unfiltered, you may encounter ugly chats.

Rising mail

Another most popular website is the dark web. So, what is rising mail, it’s the Gmail for the dark web. But why? Rising mail features security that most of the normal services don’t guarantee you. They will not keep any data that belongs to you. Unfortunately, this service is an invite-only service, which means you need an invitation from their existing users. This is the most correct and ancient method that is used in the dark web, most of the time you will need an invitation link to use the service.

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