Best VPS for ICT students

What is VPS

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The term VPS refers to a virtual private server. To better grasp what VPS is, let’s break down the term in the following method. The term “private” denotes that the system only has one user account. Then virtual means, that your computer is virtually created out of a system with much higher resources. If you have worked with VMware or virtual box, you have a clear image of this instance. If not, it’s just like a smaller box inside a huge box. But you have the mentioned resources inside your box.

In a hosting manner, Shared hostings have a smaller amount of resources. The resources limit is not advertised or mentioned in almost any shared hosting. VPS on the other hand is partitioned off in such a way that you aren’t as vulnerable to the problems of shared hosting. You’ll receive better results for a higher fee. You will receive the allowed resources to your VPS. In simple terms, you own a small portion of a computer in a shared hosting under a common operating system that is shared with others, security and own spaces are managed by software like cPanel, DirectAdmin. In VPS, you own the computer, not the software surrounding part of the computer. So, you will have a higher resources limit.

HIgh speed
higher bandwidth

More uses of VPS

Is VPS are just for hosting larger websites? Nah, if you select a VPS with your favorite operating system, then you can use it for other than just hosting a website. You can purchase a windows VPS if you don’t like to use Linux. However, you need to purchase a Microsoft license, it may cost around $8-$13.

Edit videos

If your device processing and graphical power is weak and you don’t have money to purchase a new computer, just get a VPS for monthly payment. You can get a high-power computer for a reasonable price with a higher-speed internet connection.

Upload/ download something

The upload and download speeds of these VPS are higher. Those computers are located inside super larger data centers that have higher network speeds. So, you can use these VPS to upload and download the processes. If you are a content creator, then you can find a way to get things done through a VPS.

NFT Generating

NFT generation, a new level of the use case of VPS. Most of the people that provide NFT generating services use these VPS. With this VPS they can use the computational power to generate 10k, 100k 500k image collections in higher resolutions. Which usually takes up to 10-12 hours. However, because of the network speed, they usually deliver their final product via google drive easily.

Are they high priced?

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subscription model

Is renting a VPS too much expensive? At first, you may think are they expensive or cheap. It’s reasonably priced because the cost of renting a VPS is relatively cheap and reliable. Because uptime of the system is 99%, network speed is higher compared to home computers. The upfront cost is also too low in VPS, you can rent high-end high-priced resources for a reasonable price. You can also, scale up the computer whenever you needed, that’s among the best advantages of using VPS.

Google Cloud Platform

one of the most widely used cloud platforms for now. Google cloud platform offers the finest uptime guarantee, powerful features and options, and a large amount of storage. There are pre-configured computers that can be deployed with a few clicks. They offered a free tier and also provide a special free tier for students. You can get any product with those credits. Pricing is good compared with others but, it’s not cheap. To calculate pricing for your need, click here.


The world most used VPS, server service. WHich is used by Netflix and so many other companies. AWS provides a wide variety of functions and cloud functions that you can implement to do your work easily. However, it comes with handy pricing. It’s a little bit pricier than that of the google cloud platform. But, it has many popular features that you can easily implement on your software product. AWS also has those pre-build systems that can be deployed within a few clicks. AWS calculator is a free tool to calculate the pricing for your need. AWS also provides a free tier for a credit card. But for students, it’s hard to get credit when compared with other providers.


Azure is a Microsoft product for internet business. Azure is also like the previous two providers but it lacks cloud functions. There are not as many options as the previous competitors. However, their prices are low compared to others. They provide a free tier for its users to test things out. That you can purchase something for a year. But it’s limited to 1 product per customer per year. Then you can continue using your credits. They also have a few click pre-build system deployments. Azure provides student support by providing their platform for free for students. You must have a valid educational institute-related email address.

Digital ocean

In the past few years, DigitalOcean has earned a good reputation and the confidence of programmers, tech startups all around the world. It acquired popularity as a result of the unique features and amenities it provides. It also provides, Linux, windows, and many other options as you need.

Digital ocean is a hosting solution that eliminates the need for you to manage your development infrastructure by providing fast and secure hosting. if you would prefer a lower price, more capacity, or a unique feature then Digital ocean will perfectly fit you. DigitalOcean aids with the installation and scalability of programs, allowing them to function smoothly across several machines.

The digital ocean has a credit system that provides free credit for new users to test their service. They also have relatively low cloud functions compared to other competitors. But, you will get higher performance at a competitive price. They are a web hosting company in the first place, so the speed and implementation ability to host is higher.

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