Academics for the 2019/2020 students

If you are a 2019 or 2020 university student, then there’s good news for you. Most of the Universities start Academic teaching from tomorrow. Let’s know more details about academic learning and what you need.

First of all, we would like to wish all of you congratulations. And from tomorrow, you will start learning the academic stuff. Still, you learned or joined is the bridge course. The valuable program that created to normalize the gap between advanced level learning and university learning. Because

  • Some of the lessons that learned in advanced level classes are forgotton for most of you. It’s now more than 2 years. So, most of those lessons are now forgot for most of you. After completing the exam or getting results we used to distribute our advanced level notes for others. So, the university students don’t usually have those lectures or notes to study them again.
  • Sometime you have to use advanced level maths stream mathematics in the university. Even if you are following a none-math related course. So, to provide a neccesarry guidance to the students. They teaches you all the basic stuff that you will need in the university life. So, you have time to prepare for those lessons. It’s better to try understand those stuff before the 1st semester exam.

When the 1st semester exams starts

It will probably differ from course to course and university to university. But however, Semesters are usually held after 3 months of day 1. So, you will get your 1st-semester exam in December. As the 2017/2018 batch, you will have to do your exams online. When doing exams online, you will mostly get open book exams. That means you need to understand those mathematics or related subjects in order to face open book exams. Because they are extremely hard. We will provide detailed instructions set for you to follow when facing the 1st-semester exams soon.

How to prepare for Acedemic lectures

Unlike the intensive course, academic lectures are slow. That means lecturers will take a much longer time than in the intensive course. Explaining stuff as much as possible. You have to be prepare for the lectures before the meetings start. That way, you can absorb all the teaching staff.

The academic lectures don’t usually provide a recorded video series. So, you have to join those lessons( Live Classes ). You have to complete 80% attendance in order to face semester final exams. If you failed to keep 80% attendance, you have to wait for the next semester’s exams and may have to face both semester exams at once. So, it’s really important to maintain 80% attendance.

How the attendance mark?

You may be wondering how lecturers will mark your attendance in online classes. They will do it by making a list of joined participants. So, you’re joined time, and joined email is important. Also, you may advise renaming the zoom, teams display names to a context. Usually, the context may be Your academic year / first letter of the department / your index number + your name as in the learning management System( LMS ). It may differ in some universities, but most of them hold similar kinds of naming patterns.

Mostly your attendance will be marked automatically with your joining email. Your email address, display name, and time you joined may be considered. But, mostly the time is not considered in most of the universities. It’s your responsibility to join the meeting at the correct time. First, 5 days will not mark attendance as usually some students may struggle to join classes. If you mistakenly added via a different email than the university email, then your name will be a huge advantage if you followed the rules. If not, there is a high chance not to mark your attendance if you joined via a different email and failed to mention that in lectures.

How do know the lecture times?

Lectures are rarely but occasionally change the times. Due to power cuts or any other reason. Lectures may be scheduled to a different date than the timetable. So, make sure to check your university emails every day and turn on notifications for the mail.

What if I have a power cut?

First of all, don’t worry. It happens so often in online classes. Just leave a message for the lecturer mentioning that you have a power cut and are unable to join the meeting. So, the lecturer will ask for some information and mark your attendance.

How to find the invitation link?

Lectures usually provide online class invitation links to the LMS. But, on some occasions, those links are incorrect for the meeting. So, make sure to join the WhatsApp group of the university and your course. If you are not a member of such a group, contact anyone that you know or contact the department representative or you can directly contact a university staff member. They will probably help you to resolve that.

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