2022 Advanced Level Examination Guide(ICT)

The advanced level examination will start in February. This article is for those who doing ICT as a subject. You can get past papers and model papers from this guide including short notes. So, read this guide to be prepared for the exam.

2016 Alevel ICT past paper

The most recent syllabus change occurred in 2016, hence there’s no major change in the syllabus till now. So, it’s ok to do those older syllabus papers too. With that, you can be guaranteed to have studied all of the complete syllabus. There are a few changes in syllabus with logic gates and number systems. also, there are new lessons about programming and database systems. Python, PHP, Arduino, and javascript are a few of the newly added lessons to the syllabus also database normalization and a few other practical lessons have been added.

2017 Alevel ICT paper

2017 past paper has some top-level questions in ER diagrams, SQL questions, data and information systems questions, and many more unique questions. The ER question is so valuable for any student who has chosen ICT for A/l Because by completing the answer you can have the full knowledge about ER diagrams lessons including symbols, methods using, and much more. 2017 logic gates question is somewhat similar to the traditional ICT logic gates question followed with a paragraph. You just have to read the paragraph and mark the truth table.

2018 Alevel ICT paper

2018 A/L past paper has ER diagrams with a really good amount of coverage of the lessons. Also, DFD diagram questions and HTML questions are also in this question paper. As usual, there is a logic gates question in the Part B section. But the question is a little bit different than logic gates questions in other past papers. It has some changes to the regular logic gates question showing a trending of different kinds of logic gates, truth table questions in the future. So, it’s got to practice those thinking patterns different logic gates truth table questions. 2018 past paper has eCommerce and appliances question. Which is rare to have on a level past paper. SO, you can try that question after studying that lesson completely. Also, you will need the web technologies lesson to completely write the correct answer.

2019 Alevel ICT paper

2019 Advanced level paper has the next syllabus change. Which is more focused on the practical side of ICT education. This past paper has many questions from data flow diagrams, HTML, web technologies, and programming( python, PHP, javascript, and SQL) so if you think that those lessons are difficult for you, you should definitely study those lessons and do this past paper with timing. Also, the logic gates question in this paper also contains a question that is different than previous years’ question. At first, it looks like something harder to understand. But after several readings, you will find that it’s much easier than you think. As usual, this exam paper also has those DPD diagrams and Entity-relationship diagrams. You can try those too.

2020 Alevel ICT paper

Although 2020 ICT paper is easier than the previous years. Most of the major questions include logic gates, PHP, python, ER diagrams like so. If you haven’t done any previous past papers. Then you should definitely start from this past paper. Because most of the questions are easier than they used to be. You can also try those context diagrams and those 1st paper questions too.


So, these are the highlighted questions and guide for those who are willing to face the 2022 Advanced level examination. Try all those mentioned past papers for a better understanding of lessons. Also you can find those mentioned past papers from a past paper collection.

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