2020 AL ICT Past Paper [Sinhala, English, Tamil] Medium

2020 al ict intro image

2020 AL ICT Exam past paper with official marking scheme in Sinhala, English, and Tamil medium. All the files are stored on google drive and almost all devices can download and view PDFs. Unfortunately, the Answer sheet isn’t available for the Tamil paper. We will upload it soon.

2020 AL ICT Past Paper Sinhala Medium

2020 AL ICT Past Paper English Medium

2020 AL ICT Past paper Tamil medium

A/L ICT is a newly added subject that can be learned with Arts, Commerce, Mathematics, and technology stream. ICT is one of the key subjects that decide your university subject from the Advanced level examinations. However, with the rapid involvement with the subject, competition for ICT in the technology stream is higher. Thus, doing past papers is a must if you are facing the examination this year.

There were fewer to no questions from the IoT subject, but there may be a structured question from the IOT lesson in the upcoming years

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