2018, 2019, 2020 advanced level students loan

Are you a 2018, 2019, 2020 advanced level student who hasn’t been selected to any governmental or non-governmental university? Then this guide is probably for you. Have you ever heard about the none interest student loan system by the government? Yep, there’s such a program there for students by the higher education institute.

What are the requirements for eligibility?

  • You must face the advanced level examination in 2018, 2019, or 2020.
  • You must not be a student of a government or semi government university
  • You must fullfill your expected course, degree requirenments
  • You must have a relative with fixed income

So, first of all, you must face an advanced level exam in mentioned years. 1st shy, 2nd shy, 3rd shy, it doesn’t matter. Also, you must be qualified with your results for the course or degree that you are willing to participate in. As an example, if you faced an advanced level in 2018, 2019, or 2020 your results in those years must be accepted by the private university that you are willing to do the course. If your advanced level results are lower than your expected course’s required level, try other campuses or courses similar to your selected one.

not already participate in a university course

seems a little bit weird. you should not be an existing student of government or semi-government university. If you already enrolled with such a degree or course program. you are not eligible. Also if you followed vocational training authorities courses still you may be unqualified. Just apply for the course or do the process they will provide you relevant information about them. just visit the nearest bank and ask about details and they will provide you with necessary more information. also, you can contact the general knowledge call center for that.

If you are a current student of government or semi-government university do not leave it. Some people will tell you to resign and join a private university with a loan. But do not do that, you can’t join the student loan program once you sign up with a government or semi-government university.

Course eligibility

Find a list of courses in several private universities. There are also similar degree or course programs in every field. So, make sure to list them also. Then match their requested minimum results with your results. Some degrees don’t require you to have any sort of minimum results but most do. Also, make sure to check the course UGC approval for better value for your time and money. If you are willing to work abroad, you will probably need the course to have UGC approval. Not for the university, but for the course. It is the required one. university approval doesn’t care.

Relative with fixed income

It’s a loan and is provided by a government bank. So you need to have a relative with fixed income. If the loan became unpayable after the given period you have to pay it or the signed relative has to pay it. So, you require a relative. He has to show around 6-12 months fixed income sheets to the bank. Ths is the step that most of student’s rejected or fall back. The thing is to find a relative with fixed income that can pay the bill if you missed it.

If you have fulfilled all the above listed requirements. Then go to the course that you are willing to do with the student loan and request for a student loan letter. They will mention the course amount, duration like stuff. Then head towards the bank. Then they will provide the procedure of requesting the loan. When the loan approved, it will be directly transferred to the university. So keep in touch to mention real amounts in the loan sheet.

Conditions for pay

There’s no any interest for the loan. But, you have to pay the loan back in steps within the mentioned and agreed time period. All of these information will be provided by the bank. Also should mention, it also may be interest added loan just like happened to the laptop loan. If it’s a interest added loan it will not be worth to get it by this way. You may can get a loan from anybank with those mentioned details with low interest rates. Because interest free laptop loan had around rs 4000.00 monthly interest for 100,000. those interests should pay monthly. Therefore make sure to check all the documents before sign anything.

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